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Flute Music Notes

Flute With Grace

Did you know that in between all the sheet music, practice sessions, and notes that MAGIC happens??

Hi! I'm Grace! 

Are you a flutist seeking extra MOTIVATION? I’ve got your back!


Do you adore playing in a band or orchestra and CRAVE  all things FLUTE


Are you eager to ENHANCE your skills and master your favorite tunes? 


Do you LEARN best from the convenience of your own home? Furry Friend invited? Yes, please!

Flute with Grace

 I'm here to offer you MAGICAL online flute lessons at Flute With Grace!


I'm Grace and I'm Minnesotan living on a Magical island in the beautiful country of Croatia!

I started playing the flute in 5th grade, over 30 years ago! The reason I picked the flute is a little embarrassing...


I remember choosing it because I REALLY liked putting instruments in cases, I really liked the blue velvet interior!



I also loved the sound of the flute AND that the flutes got to play the melody most of the time!


I was a melody chaser, which in my first years of playing caused me to play a lot but not necessarily PRACTICE a lot! 

Do you...

Find yourself playing all the time but not making progress in the school band?


When I was in school I THOUGHT I was practicing because I was ALWAYS playing along to the Pocahontas, Les Miserables, and Titanic cds!


I hadn’t learned HOW and WHAT to practice yet!

Do you...

STRUGGLE with rhythm and playing with a metronome?

That was ME a million percent! I learned the MAGIC of the METRONOME with the help of my college professor!

Do you...

Get OVERWHELMED by all the practice options?!


Scales, fingers, intervals, etudes, classical, pop music?? How to organize your practice session?


Once I learned how to ORGANIZE my practice....


A little bit about me...

I began my career in 2008 as a middle and high school band director. I was living the dream! Throughout my career I worked with students at many different stages of their musical journey. The cool thing about having students from the age of 11 until they’re 18 is you get to watch them transform! MAGIC. 

I had one student in particular who came to our school as a Junior. He was  there on scholarship for math and science, but wanted to try EVERYTHING.


One day, he came up to me and said, “HI! I want to learn the flute!”  I said, “Heck yes!” The next week we had our first lesson: THE HEAD JOINT!


This student REALLY struggled to make his first sounds on the head joint, but I knew he could do it! He came in for regular lessons for the next couple of weeks, still struggling a lot. I began to wonder.. Maybe he can’t?


And then! Suddenly! He did it!

It was MAGICAL. From that moment on he came in for regular lessons, practiced daily, and by the end of the year was performing in the school band AND the pit orchestra for our Spring musical! This student was REMARKABLE.


I loved teaching band and orchestra, but after 16 years I realized I loved teaching FLUTE even more!  

Grace Conducting

Helping students find their passion for music, solve their musical mysteries, and work towards their personal goals is what I love to do. 


Let's experience the MAGIC of MUSIC together!

Nikolas! Testimonial

What does Nikolas Say?

Grace is such a wonderful teacher!! She is super friendly, kind, smart, and supportive! In the three months since I started lessons with her I have made
tremendous progress and I cant thank her enough! Her practice journals are always organized and easy to understand so I know what to focus on until
next time. And I feel very comfortable asking questions or suggestions. For any beginner flutist like me, Grace is a fantastic choice!!

Amber! Testimonial!

How About Amber?

I've had the pleasure of learning from Grace, and she's not just a fantastic flute teacher but also a life mentor. Her passion for music is contagious,
creating an inspiring and supportive learning environment. She combines passion, patience, and personalized guidance, turning every learning
experience into a joyful journey! I wholeheartedly recommend her for flute lessons; she's a phenomenal teacher and mentor!

Rosie! Testimonial

And Rosie?

Grace is an exceptional flute teacher and an all around joy to be around! I am a beginner and Grace has made the learning process fun and intuitive by
providing weekly practice journals catered to my abilities and progress. At lessons, Grace provides tips and instruction to reinforce what I have learned
each week and highlight the progress I am making. I highly recommend Grace as a flute teacher!

What's Next?

Learn all about your teacher! 

Want to know what online lessons look like? Is it right for you?

Contact me!

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