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Greetings flute students and parents!!


Are you ready to make your first SOUND on the flute?

Are you ready to make friends with the metronome?

Do you dream of having CONFIDENCE on stage?

Are you ready to make your fingers FINALLY move faster?

Are you ready to NOT BE BORED when you practice?

Do you want to experience the MAGIC in playing your favorite songs?? 

If you answered YES to any of those questions, I’m here to help you!


Whether your GOAL is to…

  Learn how to play the FLUTE

Move up in your SCHOOL BAND or ORCHESTRA

JOIN a community ensemble

GET BETTER at flute

  Learn new practice STRATEGIES


I can help you!

I have students ranging from 4th grade to over 65! All my students have their own unique challenges and goals. All lessons are designed with YOU in mind! 

Most IMPORTANTLY, I want YOU to FIND JOY in playing and experiencing music!

By Taking ONLINE Lessons you will...


  • IMPROVE your musical skills! (note reading, rhythm reading, tone production, breathing, technique, and more!)


  • Learn in the COMFORT of your own home!  Pets can attend your lesson! Score!


  • Experience the MAGIC that is the METRONOME! You can make friends with it, I promise!

  • Learn musical concepts with the interactive tools in MUZIE.LIVE

  • Play DUETS with me or other students! Yes! Even online!

  • Create a STRUCTURED PRACTICE schedule with handy tips! Practicing doesn’t have to be a chore!

  • Implement fun and ENGAGING practice strategies into your practice!  Have you ever practiced using M&M’s?? (Save for later though!) 

  • FLUTE KARAOKE! Learn your favorite songs and play them with a cool backing track! 

  • Participate in online recitals! Live or recorded!  Hear your studio mates from around the WORLD!


Why Should I Take Lessons With Grace?

I will be your number one FLUTE support!


I have had many moments in life where I have felt success and joy. All of those moments have ONE THING in common.


I had a SUPPORTIVE parent, teacher, friend, or mentor.


When others believe in you, it’s hard not to believe in yourself.

I have had over 16 YEARS of experience helping students overcome their musical challenges and find THEIR MAGIC in music!

Number 1 reason

I use MUZIE.LIVE and provide detailed practice plans after every lesson.


Through the use of MUZIE, students are able to track their practice progress!


MUZIE has many tools to help keep students motivated to practice! You will find the joy in a solid practice routine!


With online assignments, lesson recordings, video support library, live practice sessions and much more, students are never short of INSPIRATION to play and improve their playing.

Number 2 reason

This is my PASSION. With over 16 years of experience, I have been dedicated to instructing music to students at every level.


My success is defined by YOUR achievements. It might be as simple as fitting the pieces of the puzzle together.


Perhaps you possess beautiful  TONE and know all the fingerings, but struggle with rhythm..


You excel at reading rhythm but need help with expression..


Drawing from my extensive experience, I have encountered various challenges and I am certain I can SOLVE any musical mystery!


If I encounter a hurdle, I am COMMITTED to finding a solution!

Number 3 reason
Flute Player in Orchestra

“I was very privileged to be able to work with Grace for years. She is a down to earth human who cares for each and every one of her students.

Her passion and skill in the realm of music is so impressive and it motivated me as a musician to be better. I have watched her work with a wide range of students from those that could very much perform at a conservatory to those that are at the beginning stages of their music exploration and her attention to detail, instruction, and motivation with each of her students has left me in awe. She wants the best for each of her students and will do what it takes to get you to perfect that section of a song or hit that high note! I could not recommend Grace more!!”


My Philosphy

I believe that everyone has the potential to succeed and discover the MAGIC of music.

Throughout my life, I have encountered various instances of success and happiness.


What ties all these moments together is the presence of a supportive parent, teacher, friend, or mentor.


When others BELIEVE in you, it becomes easier to BELIEVE in yourself. 

I am here to be THAT person for you!


I aim to uncover your potential and boost your CONFIDENCE in your musical abilities.


My goal is to guide you towards appreciating and exploring the beauty of music through your own playing.

Whether big or small, we will CELEBRATE your achievements!


TOGETHER, we will tackle complex musical challenges.

Every lesson is tailored exclusively for YOU, enabling you to cultivate the necessary skills to discover joy and creativity in your playing.

My teaching view!
Online Games!
Adult Flute Students!
Online Flute Lessons Muzie.Live




STUDENTS delve into the basics of..

playing the flute

music theory

music history

 technique mastery

 exploration of various music genres!


Did you know that studying and playing Bach can ENHANCE your skills for your favorite pop tunes?


 Perhaps Bach is your favorite composer!

Did you know that many pop songs SHARE chord progressions with Pachelbel’s Canon?!


If you struggle with a standard metronome, practicing with a drum set beat might be more effective for you.


Maybe scales are more fun to practice against a reggae beat!


Students also engage with theory through interactive activities, games, and whiteboards.


 Whatever your CHALLENGE is, we will solve it TOGETHER! Each lesson is unique and tailored to your needs.


STUDENTS have the opportunity to perform live or pre-recorded in an online flute recital!

This will allow them to share their progress and achievements with family, friends, and studio mates! 


I expect all students to dedicate time to PRACTICE REGULARLY.

Progress is impossible without consistent effort towards our goals.

I will assist you in ORGANIZING your practice in a manageable and understandable way.

Every week, you will receive specific assignments and practice objectives to focus on.

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